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I am passionate about creating new images that exceed my client’s expectations. When I am presented with a problem to be solved and/or a story to be told it creates an energy that I thrive in. Whether it’s a concept or idea that needs visual expression or just “we want to do this but don’t know how” it doesn’t matter which. The process fuels me, fuels my creativity. Visualization happens automatically, so much so that I often don’t feel like I’m being creative in the process of creating imagery, just repeating what I’ve already created in my mind.

Much of my free time is spent with my family. Skiing, camping, biking, time with close friends and "beach time in warm places" are some of my favorite things. I am also very involved with my Christian faith, and have spent much time documenting and serving in Mexico, Mississippi, Nicaragua, San Diego and Marshall Islands. Despite all the activity, just a great cup of coffee and conversation with a friend can make my day.

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