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Do you have a specific process? What equipment do you use?

I love collaborating with my clients, making them part of the process. I use Nikon mirrorless cameras (Z6/Z7) and use strobe and continuous lights depending on the job. After your initial contact via email or phone, you can expect the following process to play out:

  1. Discovery phone call: We will have a conversation to dig into what your project and needs are. We will discuss your budget as well.

  2. Estimate: I will create a detailed estimate of cost for your project, and follow up with a phone call or email to answer any questions. Returning a signed estimate moves us on to step 3.

  3. Pre-Production: We will schedule your shoot and I will create a plan as necessary to facilitate a smooth shoot.

  4. Shoot Day: I will be in touch as necessary just prior to attend to any last minute details, share remote information (if necessary) and any other information you need.

  5. Post-Production/Delivery: The length of this step really depends on your project, but you will have an idea of how short/long this will be before you leave the shoot. I will take final selects and do necessary retouching (remove blemishes/stray hair, distracting objects, knockouts, compositing, video editing, etc.) prior to delivering images in the format best suited for your intended use.:

What results can I expect from working together?

I am committed to making this a fun, professional, and painless process. This means that you can expect a courteous environment, an organized photoshoot and beautiful images delivered on time.

Do you shoot remotely?

Absolutely. In the studio, having bandwidth and tools for real-time remote sessions is essential to ensuring a great shoot for my clients.

Do you photograph tethered?

I shoot tethered when I can. It is important to me that my clients see imagery large on the screen when possible. Of course this is especially important when doing a remote session.

Do you do Video?

Yes! Much of my work for clients is video-only, but often I am asked to do both video and still photo work. I am happy to do both if the project supports it. If it doesn’t I have several professionals that I can bring in as part of the team.

Do you offer drone photography/video?

Drone video and stills can give your project that little extra something that makes it extraordinary. I am a licensed and insured drone pilot and I’m happy to discuss adding drone work to your project.


How do you handle post production?

All final images are individually edited at my studio to ensure every image meets my high standards. This includes exposure, white balance, highlights, shadows, contrast, sharpening, retouching and compositing as necessary.


What is it like to work with you on set?

I am inquisitive, analytical and solution-oriented. I love finding humor in what I’m doing, and love having fun while building lasting relationships with my clients and creating great imagery.


How long have you been in business?

After earning a degree in commercial photography from Art Institute of Seattle in 1992, I started my business in the Portland, Oregon area. I relocated to Redmond, Oregon in 2009.

Do you travel?

I love to travel! Where would you like to shoot?


Do you work with an assistant?

Depending on the demands of the photoshoot, I may have an assistant with me.


What is your turnaround time?

The scope of work and level of editing for every project can vary. Together we will determine the turnaround time for the images based on when you need them. Because editing is done in-house turnaround times can be very short if necessary.


Do you have a studio?

Yes! My studio is located in Redmond, Oregon. Much of my work is on-location, but I do photograph product/still life, portraiture and video projects in the studio.


Do you rent your studio?

Depending on your needs, my studio may be the right fit for you. My studio is a great space for portraits, professional headshots, product photography and video (audio not recommended).


What is your price range?

I work with my clients to determine their photoshoot needs. Our introductory call will give me a clearer vision of the shoot. Using this information, I put together a custom estimate and proposal for you. I love to discuss budgets and I work creatively to produce a high-quality photoshoot within that budget.


Do you include digital files?

During our introductory phone call, we will discuss your usage needs. Will the images be used online, for social media, in print, or in a variety of ways? Based on the usage, we will discuss how many digital files you need for your project, and what the usage rights for those images will be.


I love one of the images in your portfolio are they available for licensing or fine art prints?

Of course! Please just ask. There are also many images that are not on my website but are available to purchase or license. I would be thrilled to share them with you and see if we can find a perfect fit.


How do I get started?

The first step is to contact me with an outline of who you are, who your client is, and what kind of project you need new photography or video for. The next step is me getting back to you to set up a phone call for us to talk about the project details. I look forward to hearing from you!

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