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How we can work together

I love collaborating with my clients, making them part of the process. I use Nikon mirrorless cameras (Z6/Z7) and use strobe and continuous lights depending on the job. After your initial contact via email or phone, you can expect the following process to play out:

  1. Discovery phone call: We will have a conversation to dig into what your project and needs are. We will discuss your budget as well.

  2. Estimate: I will create a detailed estimate of cost for your project, and follow up with a phone call or email to answer any questions. Returning a signed estimate moves us on to step 3.

  3. Pre-Production: We will schedule your shoot and I will create a plan as necessary to facilitate a smooth shoot.

  4. Shoot Day: I will be in touch as necessary just prior to attend to any last minute details, share remote information (if necessary) and any other information you need.

  5. Post-Production/Delivery: The length of this step really depends on your project, but you will have an idea of how short/long this will be before you leave the shoot. I will take final selects and do necessary retouching (remove blemishes/stray hair, distracting objects, knockouts, compositing, video editing, etc.) prior to delivering images in the format best suited for your intended use.

See my FAQ for more information. Ready to get started? Contact me.

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